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we do not sell devices we offer solutions for your business

With decades of own research and a worldwide community, Quantum Wellness is engaged in education and promotion of latest state of the art health, wellness and healthy ageing. We do approach “health” from the key perspective that energy and information controls matter and we call this Quantum Wellness. 



Quantum Wellness Technology offering clients a personalized solution to addressing the root of their problems instead of treating the visible symptoms and represents unique and innovative information-based system of providing personalized Wellness care and distribution of beauty and healthcare related products.

The Quantum Wellness technology enables a whole new individual approach to common programs like detox, weight correction or anti-age programs.

Depending on the models and software implemented in the Quantum Zone, each client can gain valuable information about their health through several levels of functional diagnostics:

• Detection of irregularities before the onset of symptoms;
• Identification of possible causes and mechanism of occurrence of the problem;
• Proposal for optimal nutrition, supplementation and therapy, as well as predicting their results.
• Our technological solution is capable of performing several hundred tests and additional analysis:
• Current biological age of the organism;
• Potential for a disease development, prior to first symptoms;
• Effectiveness of supplementation, medication or cosmetics, prior to taking;
• Possible contradictions;
• Optimal diet;
• Mineral and vitamin status;
• Toxicity assessment level;
• Presence of viruses, parasites or bacteria;
• Ph of organism;
• Food intolerance and more …

Quantum Zone has the possibility of conducting various treatments based on energy, sound and light therapy, as well as for implementing innovative procedures in the field of quantum information medicine.
This integrated system in this space, among other things, achieves:
• Mental relaxation
• Revitalization and improvement of general health
• Stress Reduction
• Increasing energy at the cellular level
• Circulatory stimulation
• Alkalinization of an organism,
• Cell detoxification.


There are many chronic disorders, aches & pains, that are currently only managed with accepting a life-time of discomfort, or prescriptions that distant us of from our quality of life and subject us to surviving numerous negative side effects. Why not explore another direction of preventative health, wellness & fitness? Our aim is to release the energy blockages, and help correct imbalances at their source, by helping to create a strong healthy body and immune system, so that the body can heal itself.

If you need further more information, please contact us.