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 Discover what works for your body and cells.

Think about when you take your car into the shop for an inspection. In order to examine the condition of the car, the mechanic opens the hood, checks the fluids, and inspects the working components. Quantum Zone analysis is the same idea, except instead of examining your engine oil level or testing the battery life “looking under the hood” and understanding what areas you need to improve on in order to achieve a healthy body composition and functions you will look and feel so much better! The Quantum Wellness Functional Health Assessment is designed to get you started on your road to optimal health and a better life. More info…


The key to lifelong health lies in disease prevention and health maintenance, and the key to prevention is assessment. To provide you with a health plan that is tailored to your needs, we need to understand the true condition of your body, both internally and externally. We do this through the use of cutting-edge non-invasive diagnostic tests and examinations to get a whole in-depth picture of your health, genetics, environment and lifestyle.


Not only airplanes, but also the organism has a “black box”. On the aircraft, the stored data is analyzed only after the crash. All “energetic” properties, which are recorded in the somato-visceral functional system (SVFS) of the body and are not visible from the outside, can be checked continuously over the skin. With functional screening, therefore, imbalances / strains in the SVFS and thus the state of the internal organs are detected at an early stage by means of measurements on the “skin coat” and are to be treated accordingly. Diseases are thus effectively prevented. 

Conventional biochemical markers and diagnostic results only provide a small picture of what’s really going on in a patient. To eliminate all sources of disease and restore health, one must locate these dysfunctions on all levels: whether physical / biochemical, mental / emotional, and spiritual. At the Center for Quantum Wellness, BRS Functional Analysis of Health is utilized to locate all dysfunctions on these multiple levels, and does so in a methodical and efficient manner.

BRS Functional Analysis of Health provides the following benefits:

Reliability + Repeatability – We have used this system for over 10 years with amazing results across many conditions and diseases.
Effectiveness –screening to identify diseases in the earliest stages, before the onset of signs and symptoms
Specificity – Detailed protocols  for nutrition and cleansing
Time Savings – Quick turnaround compared with lab tests.

Holistic Health Check Intensive Weekend


Take your time for your health: Over the course of one week you will benefit from experienced, holistic-minded doctors and therapists.
With the help of innovative noninvasive tests, they examine important detoxification and regulatory systems, diagnose individual deficiencies and analyze your autonomic nervous system’s ability to regulate itself.
Only bodies that “regulate well, work well.”

The Intensive Health Check Week includes the following services:


  • 1 x Medical History Questionnaire
  • 2 x Doctor’s conversations


  • 1x HRV Analysis 
  • 1x Analysis of the Vegetative Nervous System
  • 1x BRS Prevnetive Analysis
  • 1x EPD Check up

The main objective of the preventive functional evaluation is to find hidden abnormalities in the body’s functioning and to find predispositions and diseases even several years before the onset of symptoms. Preventive functional health evaluation is aimed the functional assessment of whole body and few different functional tests and analyzes. Among other things:

BRS – Energetic reserve and functional stability Evaluation that can lead to certain aesthetic & health problems, inclusive of Cell Membrane Energy Voltage and body energy flow Evaluation..
BRS – functional and energetic assessment of the complete organism.
BRS – Toxicity Assessment.
BRS – Evaluation of optimal products for detoxification and supplementation. More info..

Hardware-software system used in a smart program generates the reports of:

Overall condition and risk level assessment for major systems
Diseased organs and systems
Food navigator
Energy level
Physiological age with identification of adverse effects
Toxic level
Vitamin deficiency./ optional. MORE INFO…