Find Out What You Need to Know About Your Health

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Find Out What You Need to Know About Your Health

The way our current healthcare system operates tends to focus  on the management of symptoms of chronic disease, and not for prevention or cures. We’re here to challenge this paradigm.

Health insights and nutrition to support:

Gut health

Cellular health

Immune health

Healthy aging

Stress response


  • Personalized food and nutrient recommendations for full body health
  • Precise dosages for supplements, prebiotics, and probiotics based on your biology
  • Free shipping. Results 2-3 weeks (processing times may vary)

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About our Health assessment

Collection Method


What’s included in your results:

  • Over 30 high-level scores and subscores related to gut microbiome health, your biological age, cellular function health, immune health, energy levels, and stress response

  • Your personalized list of recommended foods to eat (and avoid) chosen from over 100 foods

  •  Recommendations for supplements, prebiotics, and probiotics you need to support your scores. Available to order monthly.

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Viome analyzes your biology to give you health insights, personalized food recommendations, and precision supplements, formulated just for you.


  • BRS Test and report
  • SUPPLEMENTS TEST & Supplements products


  • BRS Test and report


  • BRS Test and report

You can still choose to join a plan after you receive your results and recommendations.

OPThis monthly plan includes:

Health Insights

Health Insights

Health insights to support your food and supplement recommendations.

We Measure

You may be surprised by what you learn.

Our recommendations for your food, supplements, probiotics, and prebiotics target key health areas you need support in.

  • Gut Microbiome Health
  • Cellular Health
  • Mitochondrial Health
  • Immune System Health
  • Stress Response Health
  • Biological Age

Food Recommendations

Food Recommendations

  • Your personalized list of foods.

What You’ll Discover

Food that may be healthy for one person can have a very different effect on another, ….

even in the case of twins who share the same DNA. Although your genetics (DNA) are stable and do not change, how your genes are expressed (RNA) can vary from day to day, and even hour to hour. Based on your test results we can determine what foods will help you the most right now and what foods could be contributing to poor health or symptoms you may be experiencing.

Our food recommendations are designed to help by:

  • Increasing the richness and diversity of your microbes to help withstand different types of stress.
  • Improving dysbiosis, an imbalance of microbial groups which can be caused by too many harmful microbes, too much of one family of microbes, or microbes that are growing in the wrong place.
  • Recommending foods that fuel microbes known to produce beneficial compounds.
  • Recommending foods that contain compounds to enhance energy production or specific antioxidants that may be helpful to overall cellular health.
  • Minimizing foods may contain potentially harmful components for you.
  • Minimizing foods due to their potential of eliciting a high glycemic response.

products supported

Supplements, Probiotics, & Prebiotics

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all supplement recommendations, short quizzes, or Google when it comes to determining what you really need. Based on your gut microbiome, some ‘beneficial’ supplements could actually

interfere with how your body operates.

With supplements & prebiotics + probiotics recommended for you from over 200 premium ingredients in the daily dosage you need and based on over 30 health scores included with our Health Intelligence Test, this truly is personalization at its best.