Resetting the Aging Clock

“People assume aging is immutable and that it is a fool’s errand to look for drugs that slow the aging process ─ but they are wrong,”

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The Cure for Aging

Welcome to our Anti-Aging Program, where you can learn some simple steps to increase energy, feel more vibrant, and even look younger! Designing an Anti-Aging Program should be fairly simple when you consider the amount of research we have on aging. However, probably no other area in alternative health is more subject to over-promising and under-delivering than anti-aging medicine, especially with the Baby Boomer generation now approaching retirement age. We’re talking about every “magic bullet” under the sun, from face rejuvenation creams to HGH supplements. Ah, if only it were that simple! Aging is not the result of any one single factor, but is the cumulative result of a number of factors, including:

Cell senescence, or the aging of cells
Diminished telomerase activity
Protein degradation
Advanced glycation end products
Excess sugar activity
Progressive systemic inflammation
Progressive dehydration
Accumulated toxic build-up in organ tissue
Reduced circulation
Reduced cellular energy production
Changes in hormone levels and hormone balance
Impeded energy flows in the body
Excessive body weight
And, of course, good old wear and tear
The above list is hardly complete. We could add stress, the accumulation of free radicals in the body, and the results of cumulative poor nutrition, for example. The key here is not to identify every single factor (an impossible task), but to understand that if you want to slow the aging process, you have to look at more than a magic bullet approach involving one or two supplements. The only way to maximize health and lifespan is to use a EXPERT PROGRAM® type whole-body systemic approach. In other words, for an Anti-Aging Program to be successful, you need to do everything all at once to assist in the natural anti-aging process.

That’s actually good news. While there may not be a single magic bullet you can take, there are definitely a series of steps that you can implement that will not only help retard the aging process, but will also keep you feeling more youthful, more energized, and healthier for longer than you ever thought possible.

The damage we do to ourselves is the easiest to correct.  In fact, virtually everything covered in this website and Baseline of Health® Program addresses these issues, which means that most of what you will read in the linked articles about optimizing your health is exactly what you need to be doing to prolong your life.

Step Two: Preventing and reversing damage at the cellular level

Unlike the things we do to ourselves that accelerate aging and are easily correctable (relatively speaking), the micro-level factors that promote aging are programmed in our very cells.  As it turns out, not only can we reverse the aging process at the cellular level now, and actually do it quite simply and quickly – but we can also reverse aging at the system level and the organ level. And for that matter, we can reverse aging in terms of how we look and feel – and by that I mean our skin and hair and energy levels. And then, of course, we can even reverse it in terms of lifespan. There are three substances you should investigate to add into your natural anti-aging program for positive effects: L-carnosine, DMAE, and Acetyl-l-carnitine.

Step Three: Changing our bodies’ macro level aging programs

The final step to a natural Anti-Aging Program is to address the hormonal changes programmed into our bodies, changes that affect aging at a macro level.  Hormones are your body’s chemical messenger system, telling your body what to do and when.  In regard to aging, they tell your body how to age and changes in any hormone can affect aging.   For instance, once we reach our thirties, available testosterone levels for both men and women tend to begin diminishing with age. Interestingly enough, in a 1986 clinical study, it was documented that it’s not actual testosterone production that decreases as we age; but rather, it’s the amount of free circulating testosterone that decreases.   This affects our outlook on life to our ability to increase muscle mass.  Another decreasing hormone is growth hormone, which affects everything from muscle/fat ratios to the graying of hair.  Balancing the dropping melatonin levels associated with aging will affect how well we sleep and strengthen our immune system.  Lastly, balancing estrogen and progesterone levels is also equally important.   Read the following articles below to learn about changes in hormone levels and what you can do to reverse the aging process by balancing them:

General Anti-Aging Protocols & Specific Formulas

  • Reduce chronic inflammation, a major aging factor and a primary contributor to death, with proteolytic enzymes.
  • Reduce free radicals, a major factor in the onset of “aging diseases”, with a full spectrum antioxidant.
  • Eat Better. Eat more organic, raw foods, juices and superfoods.
  • Optimize your immune system.
  • Reduce insulin spikes, which is possibly the primary factor in accelerated aging with a natural glucose balancer.
  • Supplementing with a combination of L-carnosine, DMAE, and Acetyl-l-carnitine is one of the simplest, most effective, and safest steps we can take to help turn back the clock and optimize our health. It slows down cellular aging, prolongs the life of organs, and rejuvenates the brain.
  • Balance testosterone levels for accelerated muscle development with a hormonal cleanser.

All done!  If you follow the above recommendations in our natural Anti-Aging Program, you may not prevent getting older, but you could control how you age.   These principles can not only help you prevent and reverse catastrophic illness, but the signs and symptoms of aging.   For a complete, detailed summary of our Anti-Aging Program, including the science behind each of these steps, I also highly recommend you read Chapter 21 “Aging–It’s Not Just for the Old” in my latest hardback version of “Lessons From The Miracle Doctors.”  You can buy this at Baseline Nutritionals®, Amazon, or any major book store.


Reverse the Aging Process


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Probably no other area in alternative health is more subject to over-promising and under-delivering than anti-aging. We’re talking about every magic bullet under the sun from face cremes to human growth hormone supplements. Ah, if only it were that simple! The simple fact is that aging is not the result of any one single factor, but is the cumulative result of a number of factors. However, there are several steps one can take to slow down or even reverse the aging process.  To begin, read Jon Barron’s first four articles below which summarize everything you need to know about natural anti-aging.  Then, enjoy the rest of the articles on supplemental information for special circumstances.

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