We see countless patients who share stories of going from doctor to doctor without identifying or healing the root cause of their medical problems. Here at the Quantum Wellness, we focus on treating the CAUSE not the symptom.

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Marina Luketina Šunjka

Author of Quantum Wellness concept

Marina has more than 25 years of experience in the fields of health and nutrition. In addition, Marina works in the area of forensic nutrition, serving as a consultant and testifying expert for nutrition, biochemical and physiological issues relating to claims, uses and effects of foods, dietary supplements and related health produces.

She is the operational director of the study program in the field of quantum information, integrative medicine and nutrition at the ECPD faculty. The European Center for Peace and Development University for Peace established by the United Nations (ECPD)

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Dr Bojana Kuzeljević

Marketing and Commercial Strategies

Maja Lončar

CTO & co-owner

Goran Šunjka

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