Smart option for home use.

Innovative Welness Technology

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Smart option for home use.

Innovative Wellness Technologies has developed a system for rapid testing of the human body and wellness therapy. Quantum Wellness system is based on the latest achievements of quantum diagnostics and ancient methods of eastern medicine. The system consists of a Quantum Zone for professionals (or Smart option for home use)

Smart option for home use.

They may be connected to a large database on the server via computer and the Internet. Within 1 to 2 minutes, test results of the current state of the organism can be obtained, as well as a set of necessary programs that can be applied on line (through the Expert Profi device) or off line (via Energy Balance). There are 3 sets of programs inthe Energy Balance itself: 35 antiparasitic programs, 35 harmonizing programs and 1 energy program. Also, there is a special Life-Pro computer program that enables competent professionals to create a series of additional programs with specific frequencies.

The IWT system allows the different methods for testing and therapy and also enables comparison of easurements. Testing of drugs, supplements, food and cosmetics can be done as well, and, an adequate nutrition list can be made.

In just few minutes , you can get a review with appropriate reports based on the scanning of all organs and systemsin the human body that even lay people, without any prior knowledge, can interpret according to colors (and receive
appropriate therapy from the server), while doctors can have remarkable insight into the complete state of the situation based on the following reports:
• General condition of the organism and
risk assessment for basic systems
• Diagram by organs
• Ranking by priority
• Probable diagnoses and deficits
• Spinal column state
• Aurogram
• Chakras
• Parasites by species and organs
• Biological age
• Recommendations for the diet
• Toxins and heavy metals
• Vitamin deficiency
• Intolerance to food …
The system provides the automaticcr eation of an individual Energy Balance program, as well as online therapy through the Expert option in Quantum capsuleof 20-60 minutes. It is also interesting to choose the dietary supplements or preparations, through the so-called “virtual container” in the database, or, through real container connected with the data base as well, and to get an adequate nutrition program.
Devices use low frequency electromagnetic waves and they are completely safe for use by both children and adults.

Prerequisites for using the system

An adequate space, an Internet connection, a computer, devices and a person who can use a computer – every layman after a short training can use the system provided he is not a Daltonist.

Rental Pricing Available for quantum zone®

Rental Pricing $500 / two weeks

SESSIONS - Recaharge program Up to 3 hours / day

$600/Unlimited two weeks