quantum-infusion - A NEXT GENERATION SPA


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quantum-infusion A NEXT GENERATION SPA


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quantum zone - A NEXT GENERATION SPA


If your cells are unhealthy, then your body is in a state of ‘un-health’ too!

Anyone who is looking to improve their health and well-being would do very well to pay attention to the health of their cells. Our cells might be microscopic and seemingly insignificant, but they are responsible for pretty much everything that happens in the human body. But first let’s explore the mitochondria and antioxidants within the human body. More info…


quantum zone

QUANTUM ZONE is a innovative and highly effective system designed for usage in the centers for aesthetics and aesthetic medicine. This device combines artificial intelligence with traditional Chinese medicine which gives amazing and long-term results.

The ultimate goal of the treatment is to achieve and maintain the energetic balance, for which HSDC-complex at first gathers the accurate data on the status and energetic deficits, after which it transfers the exact amount of energy which is needed by the analyzed tissue.

Hardware and software diagnostic complex (HSDC-complex) analyzes the body and gives the diagnosis of the physical (functional and energy) condition and its needs prior to the treatment itself. During the treatment, using bio resonance principles , self-correcting body mechanisms are being stimulated, which result in superb therapeutic effects. The device uses sensors attached to the computer, and intuitive software guides the therapist through each part of the treatment step by step.

And the entire treatment is completely non-invasive and painless, very soothing and pleasing to the client.

Electrical impulses of very low frequency via probes of treatment pass into the body. This device does not perform muscle stimulation.

Treatment probes in the body first gather information on the state and the cellular structure of the client and deliver this information in the form of impulses to the computer in device. The computer compares the received impulses from the body of a client with a huge database, transforms and regulates them and delivers them back into the body. It is a closed loop of measurement and treatment  that is constantly being updated and which modulates the energy delivered back to the client.

The unique Hardware and software diagnostic control of the F.R.T systems measures skin resistance, internal and external cell resistance, tissue depth, the thickness of the cell wall and polarity (electrical charge) of the cells.

The HSDC-complex uses the results of these measurements in order to adjust the voltage, frequency and intensity of the therapy. The Quantum Zone gives body exactly what it needs to re-achieve the balance when there is an excess of positive ions and stimulates collagen production and cell regeneration. The device stimulates the mitochondria which extract energy from glucose to produce ATP – a chemical that is used in the synthesis of proteins (for cell repair) and for energy storage. Simply put – the F.R.T stimulates the body to start producing more energy for cell regeneration and collagen production, and to carry out metabolic processes.

The effects on the body during treatment – MORE INFO…