A next wellness trend

In just one treatment in a capsule, you will have the effect of a hyperbaric chamber, a cryo capsule, an infrared sauna, a salt room and a capsule for relaxation and meditation. 

biohacking A next wellness trend

In just one treatment in a capsule, you will have the effect of a hyperbaric chamber, a cryo capsule, an infrared sauna, a salt room and a capsule for relaxation and meditation. 

It’s Time to Invest In Your Employees’ Health

Biohacking is a next workplace wellness trend hacking your own biology to live healthier for longer is the trend becoming so popular that many companies luxury spa and wellness hotels around the world are jumping on board with their own take on the life-altering treatments.


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There are many paths to corporate wellness, but research and experience reveal that biohacking is anyone’s best bet.

Let’s have a look at What Biohacking is, in case this is a new concept to you!

Biohacking is optimising both your internal and external environment by blending state-of-the-art technology with time-tested holistic wisdom. Using state-of-the-art technology to get quantifiable insights into your unique biology, physiology, and mental state; in order to achieve optimum health, performance, longevity, and vitality. These deep insights provide biological markers that can be tracked and improved.

The time of generic, broad sweeping recommendations is behind us, we can now all get tailored recommendations that will have the greatest impact on your wellness.
Biohacking leverages the most cutting-edge technology to give you accurate and actionable insights. Thus, corporate wellness recommendations and actions meet the unique and diverse requirements of a company’s employees.

The days of the big homogenous corporations are diminishing as the revolution of workspaces and business size power forward. So, corporate wellness needs the flexibility to adapt to uncertainty and deal with the evolving different working structures. Innovation in work has to be matched by innovative ways to care for those in the business.

As work becomes ever more remote, the ability to look at your colleague and sense something is wrong or off becomes much harder. And, creating a workspace atmosphere that promotes a new healthy habit by in-person colleague support is not possible too. Even before digital remote working, very few, if any companies, had accurate ways to measure wellness.

With digital remote working, it’s become even more difficult to separate your work life from your home since they are centered in one and the same place. This can lead to less self-care since you don’t have that colleague by your side who notices you’re stressing out and invites you on a coffee break to talk and clear your mind.

Now, with apps and innovative technology, you can create a wellness environment in the digital workspace which helps to reconnect employees; helping to build a wellness network throughout a company. Health and performance can be measured and positive actions are taken; either led from the top or horizontally, to fully empower the wellness of a company.

Cultivating healthy habits is essential for wellness and even having a few healthy habits can increase one’s life span by a significant number of years [1].

The easiest healthy biohacking habits to cultivate are:

  • Sleep and energy optimization.
  • Mindfulness and mindset.
  • Movement and exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Awareness of the Environment (light, air, water, indoors vs outdoors)

Why Employers & Companies Need To Care About this (Retain + Attract Talent)?

By biohacking corporate wellness you are giving your team the best wellness optimization tools, techniques, and technologies that exist. This also means your company will be on top of wellness trends and a pioneer in corporate wellness and employee optimization.

How many people do you know who tell you they have set a New Years’ resolution, then within a week or two they have broken the resolution and are back to their old habits? And just how many times have you seen an HR department roll out a new initiative that’s forgotten in about a month?

These types of negative habits can undermine trust in your employees and in a company. By biohacking with trackable metrics, you bring accountability to corporate wellness. All can buy in because they can track, see and compare metrics; therefore, building engagement and motivation in the workplace while improving their performance and wellbeing metrics.

Integrating biohacking into a company’s corporate wellness policies will increase employee loyalty. Because, despite remote work, providing platforms and digital spaces for colleagues to reconnect and look after each other’s health and wellness.

With actionable metrics, a company will gain better insights into where their employees sit between.

How Can Biohacking Solutions Be Rolled Out At Company Levels?

In the workplace, biohacking solutions can go from simple to encompassing and truly innovative. No matter the extent, even the most simple solutions provide actionable insights that can lead to better information and better wellness choices.

The most popular biohacking products to help employees understand their health include using wearables such as an Apple Watch, Fit Bit….A step further in this area is offered by the Quantum Wellness concept